Hang Up! [Short Review]

In what might be the most minimalist (short) film I’ve ever seen, has quickly become something that I’m absolutely fascinated with. The short film, Hang Up! comes from the mind of Richard Powell as it utilizes just a single location and the one actor on the screen.

It follows Gary (Robert Nolan) who receives a call from his wife Emelia (Astrida Auza) while she is in a conversation with her friend Mona (Jane Pokou), after trying to communicate with her, Gary goes to hang up but, it soon becomes clear that his loving wife is absolutely disgusted by him; she hates him! The conversation continues while Gary is left in disbelief as he hears this tirade from the woman he loves.

Anxiously wanting to end the call, he can’t. He’s fixated. Soon he learns of Emilia’s infidelity and an elaborate plan that is destined to destroy his entire life but, he continues to listen and it gets worse and worse. I mean, what do you do? Do you scream down the phone. Do you hang up knowing what may lay ahead? It’s a tense short that comes in just under the fourteen minute mark, and I’ll tell you, I was perspiring during the end of that conversation, it’s intense.

The short utilizes its single location and the one actor, Nolan, on the screen to its fullest. The voice acting of Auza was impeccable, you could hear Emila’s (Auza) hate spewing down the phone, the absolute disgust she has for Gary was second to none. I felt quite helpless actually, it’s a strange feeling and one I won’t forget for some time.

Some may dig this and some may not. Either way, it’s beautifully crafted and thanks to Christopher Guglick’s score, it truly added to the tense atmosphere.

If you’re after a short that’s different, unique and actually quite disturbing in some of the monologue, keep an eye out for this one. Hang Up! will be making its World Premiere at FilmQuest this September.

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