Kung Fury Has Arrived and It’s Awesome!

The day is finally here. Many will talk about this day for years as today marks the premiere of quite possibly the greatest film ever made. Yes, this is David Sandberg’s Kung Fury, and it’s freakin’ awesome! It’s so awesome that David Hasselhoff even recorded a song for the film, and when you’ve got The Hoff, you know you’ve made it. So, make your way below and witness Kung Fury in its entirety, and please, be kind and rewind once finished.

SynopsisKung Fury is a renegade cop Miami 80s. Unfortunately Fury friend is murdered by the criminal and master of kung fu most dangerous of all time, Adolf Hitler, Führer aka Kung. With the help of a hacker, Kung Fury decides to travel back in time to appear in Germany in 1940, to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. But something goes wrong on the trip and our protagonist ends up in the Nordic land of Asgard kicking off this amazing adventure.

The film stars David Sandberg as Kung Fury, Joanna Häggblom as Viking Babe, Leopold Nilsson as Hacker Man, Andreas Cahling as Thor, Per-Henrik Arvidius as Chief, Magnus Betnér, Björn Gustafsson and Adrian Ciprian as the Narrator.

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