[Review] Jennifer Campbell’s Bruised

That brings me the up and coming writer/director, Jennifer Campbell, who is quickly making a name for herself within the indie by delivering some truly masterful shorts. Seriously, this girl has some talent and even though she has just two shorts under her name (Bruised and Hike), they’re as professional as they come.

So here we go. I was lucky enough to witness Campbell’s latest short Bruised, and it’s an excellent commentary on the working class. It is truly powerful, deep and meaningful and while it is horror, I can see that many people will truly relate to this one.

The film stars Briana Rayner as Amelia, a single woman just basically trying to survive the struggles of everyday life. Her cleaning business is unfortunately in dire-straits and debt collector’s are constantly breathing down her neck to get their money.

On top of her financial issues, Ameilia, develops an injury which causes her chronic pain which only seems to worsen as the days go on. Unfortunately for Amelia, like many people, the cost of medical treatment is basically out the window. So, she fights through the pain as best she can, but she can only take so much.

Soon she realizes that enough is enough, and before you know it, Ameila is researching how to perform surgery on herself, and it is truly harrowing. Rayner’s performance is absolutely brilliant. Yet it is heartbreaking to watch this poor woman who works so hard to get so little in return and it really hits home.

Campbell has truly crafted something that needs to be seen. The film is shot in such a way as we appear to be creeping into Amelia’s life, like a fly on the wall and it really comes together so well. Watching this you would think that Campbell has been making films for years, it is really that well put together and thought out.

Watching this short it makes me feel how lucky I am to live in the UK, as we have the NHS, and even though I hear people moan about the system, it really is a godsend to not have to worry about medical treatment and I really full sorry for those of you who have to live through such agony, like Amelia, who just cannot afford the treatment. And I thank Campbell for bringing this into the light once again, it truly is a masterful piece of work.

So what happens to Amelia? Well guys, you will just have to hunt this one out once it hits the festival circuit and I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. I see big things for Jennifer Campbell, and I can’t wait to see Briana Rayner in more roles as she nailed this sucker and I urge you to keep your eyes peeled too.

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