Stunning Limited Edition Blu-ray Case for The Walking Dead Season 3

Start saving those pennies now, folks. As I’m sure this will break the bank, but damn, its going to be worth it! As you probably know from the season 2 case, these guys sure know how to give the fans what they want, and this time McFarlane Toys have gone all out.

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at MTV Geek, we have our first look at the limited edition Blu-ray case for the third season of The Walking Dead, which is interactive!

Yep, this sucker is basically a fish tank with floating zombie heads, simply add water and watch those suckers bob all over the place, its brilliant!

Also the case is said to feature a light to showcase the tank. At this time we have no word on a street date or special features, but, man! This is off the hook!


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