Army of Darkness Sequel Tied to Evil Dead Remake

army-of-darkness-1Earlier in the month we told you that Sam Raimi and his brother are working on a sequel to Army of Darkness and now it seems that has been shaken up quite a bit with news from Wondercon.

Fede Alvarez the director of the Evil Dead remake told audiences at Wondercon ( with Bruce Campbell present and on the Panel ) that his upcoming sequel to Evil Dead which he is writing now will be intertwined into Sam Raimi’s upcoming Evil Dead movie.

It would seem based off his statements that Sam Raimi’s upcoming Evil Dead movie will be a sequel to the 1981 film and quite shockingly not only will it bring Bruce Campbell back but it will be a cross over film and draw in the characters from the remake that Fede Alvarez has developed under Sam Raimi’s direction.

Frankly I am boggled by this concept and as much as I am a fan of what I have seen for the remake I think this is a complete waste. KEEP the characters separate! Mixing them together for a ‘big grand finally’ is ridiculous and confusing. How do you explain two Ashes? A space time continuum angle? Seriously come on!

I want to see Army of Darkness 2 or yes.. a remake of Army of Darkness I can tolerate but I want to see it done with a big budget, lots of camp and Lord of the Rings style battle sequences as ASH takes on the Army of the Dead.

Frankly I think the best potential for a new Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell is to base it after Army of Darkness and the alternate ending where Bruce Campbell wakes up in the future. Bruce is the right age to play the role and it would be something unique instead of rehashing the past.

What are your thoughts of the two movies crossing over and the characters intertwining? More details can be found at Collider who were at the panel

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