The ‘Dark-Web’ Wants You to Scare Them

We’ve just received word of the upcoming horror/sci-fi series Dark-Web, which is set to be an eight-part anthology series with its themes set around the dark underbelly of the internet and they’re looking for short scripts that will terrify and scare them to the bone! If you think you’ve got an idea, that fills up 10-15 pages, these guys want to hear from you. Read on for the details below and how you can submit yours.

From the Press Release:

Taggart Productions and Felt Films have teamed up with Latino-Review Media (LRM) for the horror/sci-fi series “Dark-Web.” The eight-part anthology series revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a young Cyber-security analyst and the trail of stories she leaves behind for her friends to unravel.

Both companies are encouraging writers to participate in the series by submitting their own entries (scripts should be around 10-15 pages), themed around the concept of “the dark side of the internet and a constantly connected world.” One entry will be chosen to be part of the anthology. This writing competition has already started as of May 13th and due to positive response, will run until July 5th, 2016. You can read instructions and submit your script HERE.

Michael and Tim Nardelli have teamed with Circle writer/director Mario Miscione (also co-creator of the popular web series “The Vault”), to craft this overarching tale. The series will be highlighted by a number of short films within the story, each written and directed by different filmmakers. 
As well, a number of creatives have already been attached to the project: Tim and Michael Nardelli, Mario Miscione, Autumn Federici, Zelda Williams, LRM’s Kellvin Chavez, Roxy Shih, Nicky Whelan, and Kerry Rhodes.

The writer whose script is chosen will get their writing credit on the episode and a co-producer credit to the project, in the credits and on IMDB. 
This is your chance to create something truly horrifying and take the next step in your filmmaking career by having your own piece of content produced and distributed. Send your scripts now! And, be sure to check out LRM ( for updates and winner announcements.


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