The Haunting of Whaley House (2012) Review

The story follows Penny, who works as a tour guide at Whaley House, the most haunted house in America!

On a morning tour showing around the guests, one of them starts seeing things. After seeing something strange for the third or fourth time, she starts freaking out, asking why nobody else can see what she sees. She gets so bad that she collapses and starts foaming the mouth.

With calling 911 and an ambulance taking the girl to hopital, the tour ends abruptly.

Penny does’t believe in ghosts so she’s somewhat bemused by the whole situation. Her boss, Bethany, tells her “Just because you don’t believe in ghosts, doesn’t mean they don’t believe in you!” She’s further warned that she should never go to the house at night or “call” the ghosts out, as they don’t like it.

The house is closed for the rest of the day and Penny is given the afternoon off. She spends some time with friends and the events that happened earlier that day come up in conversation, giving them the stupid idea of spending the night there since Penny has a set of keys to the house.

Giving in to the arm twisting, she agrees to open up the house for her friends. Craig has a friend, Ray, who he invites along, as he’s is a bit of an expert when it comes to the paranormal and has all the latest equipment for capturing any activity that might occur.

So they all turn up at the haunted building but with one extra person, Ray’s famous Clairvoyant friend, Keith. Ray get’s out his equipment and they go about tracking down the enities. But as previously warned by Bethany, the spirits don’t react too well to the group being on their turf at night and soon enough things go from bad to worse.

What we have here is another poor effort from The Asylum team that gave us a lot of crap in previous years, that are mostly rip off movies. Although this film is supposedly an original, it has the unoriginal formula of a bunch of idiots having an even more idiotic idea of spending the night somewhere scary.

With not just bad acting, the mayority of the cast give over the top bad acting. Stephanie Greco tries her best to give more as regards performance but still falls short of the mark as she has to carry the rest of the cast.

There’s nothing in this movie that you haven’t seen before and it gives very little scares, if any at all. Predictable from start to finish, if you never watch this film, then your not missing anything.

Director & Writer – Jose Prendes

The Cast
Stephanie Greco as Penny Abbot
Alex Arleo as Jake Wildman
Arielle Brachfeld as Vanessa Dane
Graham Denman as Craig Gavin
Carolina Groppa as Giselle James
Howard McNair as Keith Drummond
Jason Owsley as Ray Roundtree
Lynn Lowry as Bethany Romero
Alfred Rubin Thompson as Bobo the Caretaker

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