Watch Spectacular Horror Short ‘Dont Move’

DONT MOVE is a demonstration in how to make a truly great horror movie. It is no easy feat to make a horror movie that fans appreciate but making a horror short is even harder. Lets he honest as horror fans we are jaded because every year we are bombarded with hundreds of new horror films and shorts.

The budget for a horror short like Don’t Move is always next to nothing making resources hard to come by and worse yet sometimes hurting the final product. That said Having no budget is both a hinderance and a blessing because when you dont have the money you need you need to be creative and use innovation and sheer talent to drive your film to the finish line. DONT MOVE steps up and shines!

Where many horror shorts fail Dont Move stands out as one of the best horror shorts I have seen in years. I am not easily impressed and for me DONT MOVE is near perfection. A polished team of actors, and a great concept combined with just the right level of violence and special effects to keep you glued to the film.

Dont Move is the story of a group of friends who learn that not every board game has a winning outcome and sometimes when you go poking where you shouldn’t really bad things happen. If you liked Insidious you will have a hard time not loving DONT MOVE which is just as good as Insidious if not better, and free!


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