Watch this Spectacular Short Film ‘Secret Shopper’

Jamie Jenkins has a long history with our site and the horror community at large and now she adds filmmaker to her resume with the short film SECRET SHOPPER.

About a year ago she released a short film called ‘Secret Shopper’ which she dropped into my inbox with the instructions I was allowed to watch it but not share it. At the time it was doing festival rounds so it was like many short films ‘for our eyes only’

Frankly I was worried I might not like her short film. I am as honest as the summer days are long and whether we like you or hate you the review will be candid and honest. It is never fun to tell a filmmaker or writer that you admire that their film is really not very good.

Fortunately for horror fans Jamie turned in a stellar short film that you would never know was her first kick at the can. Jamie sent me her short and with no illusions said ‘tell me what you honestly think’. My honest reaction then and now still is ‘Awesome’.

Jamie Jenkins ( known on our forums as MovieMaven ) both wrote and directed the short film which is in my humble view award worth. She may have just recently been bitten by the filmmaking bug but I truly hope she keeps doing it.

I am sure Jamie will be the first to say that its not entirely her work that it was a team of people and I have to say that Jamie and her team did an outstanding job putting together a fun, unique and polished short. Watch her short film below and if you love the short film as much as I do please do your part to support indie horror by sharing the film on your favourite social networks and blogs.

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