13 NetFlix Instant Horror Movies To Watch While You Still Can [ USA ]

Earlier we posted a list of 47 new horror titles that have just arrived on NETFLIX instant and it got many of our readers thinking about whether the service was starting to offer more for horror fans.

I for one have always been a fan of Netflix because what else am I going to use? I can not afford to buy every horror movie that comes out and NETFLIX is an easy way to partake without going broke.

So as a followup to my list of new horror titles added to Netflix I wanted to share 13 horror films on Netflix to watch while you still can. I have chosen horror films from a wide cross-section of genres and dates to appeal to as many readers as possible.

Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 really needs very little introduction. In the sequel to the 1981 classic Sam Raimi sends his friend Bruce Campbell back to the cabin in the woods to once again do battle with the undead. Evil Dead 2 is a fantastic film that continues to hold up as one of the best horror films of all time!

Bruce Campbell Evil Dead

Dead Snow

Dead Snow is a 2009 Norwegian zombie/horror film about a group of medical students who head into the mountains for a ski trip and end up unleashing Nazi Zombies. The film is packed full of gore and campy humor and is easily one of the best modern zombie films ever made. It pays homage to many classics including Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead and features some of the best chainsaw fight scenes in a horror film.

Dead Snow

Dead Heat

I love b-movies and Treat Williams zombie-comedy Dead Heat is one of the greats. In Dead Heat Treat Williams plays a cop who is killed and through a series of unfortunate events finds himself brought back to life as a Zombie Cop. Packed full of corny one liners, ridiculous mutant zombies and non stop action Dead Heat is a classic that will appeal to people who like their horror movies with a side order or corn and laughter.

American Psycho

American Psycho is without question one of Christian Bales best performances. The fact that this movie was almost not made because of constant delays is almost as shameful as the fact that Lenoardo DiCaprio almost played the lead. American Psycho is the true story of a day trader who goes absolutely bat sh*t crazy and starts killing people. ( Ok it’s not a true story but imagine if it was? )

American Psycho

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is one of the greatest sci-fi horror films since Alien featuring an all-star cast, great special effects and a truly creepy premise. Event Horizon is the story of a group of astronauts sent on a rescue mission to retrieve a missing ship. The ship has been to the edges of the known universe and the rescuers soon discover that what it has brought back is beyond horrifying.


Grabber is a movie that got no fanfare and was unceremoniously dumped to Netflix which is a shame. Grabbers is a crafty, well produced and entertaining horror movie about ‘Grabbers’ that attack a small fishing town. It is one of the few truly unique horror movies I have seen in years and is a must see for fans of quirky horror comedies like Black Sheep or Doghouse. This film has made a few top lists on our site and it is well deserving of recognition.

Grabbers Photo

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil

Tucker & Dale VS Evil is nothing short of genius. Directed by Eli Craig it is the story of a couple of bumpkins who head to their ‘summer home’ to find themselves under attack by a group of preppy college students. As simple as the description is do not be fooled Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is about as far from formulaic horror as it gets. Featuring a great cast, outstanding writing and a talented director Tucker & Dale vs Evil is one of the 10 best horror comedies of all time!

John Dies At the End

John Dies at the End was hyped like crazy before its release and when that happens fans can sometimes be disappointed. Fortunately John Dies at the End overcomes its pre-release hype and still manages to impress. Based on the book by Dennis Wong and directed by Don Coscarelli it is an absolute gem and a must see for fans of films like indie darling Bubba Ho Tep.

American Mary

The Soska Twins have gained notoriety and recognition in the horror genre and their last two films Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary have attracted a lot of fanfare with our writers and readers. The Soska Twins are often accused of using their sexuality and gimmicks to sell their movies but that does not change that they are incredibly talented. How is it their fault they also happen to be beautiful on top of being directors?

American Mary which stars Katherine Isabelle ( Ginger Snaps ) is the story of a med student who takes on a nasty side gig to pay her bills. With complex characters, solid writing and a unique concept American Mary delivers a fun joyride where so many other horror films just go down the normal formulaic path.

American Mary Photo 2


Troll Hunter is one of the best modern monster movies… PERIOD! This Norwegian ‘faux-documentary’ horror film is about a camera crew that track down a Troll Hunter to try to uncover a hidden truth. I absolutely despise found footage / first person horror films and I consider this film a must see genre gem.

Even if you hate found footage if you love a good monster movie this one is a must see!


The People Under The Stairs

Wes Craven’s The People Under The Stairs is a classic 90’s teen horror film that is about the ‘girl next door’, her creepy parents and the people they keep under their stairs. This film is one of Wes Craven’s finest and is just one of many films that made him the horror genre icon and Master of Horror that he is.



Vampire Movies as of late have become a vile thing as they become action-pop stars in Underworld and something much worse in films like Twilight. Stakeland is a return to the vampires of old and is most easily described as The Walking Dead of vampire films.

Directed by Jim Mickle it stars genre darling Danielle Harris, Connor Paolo and Nick Damici. In Stakeland Connor plays Martin a teenage boy who is wandering the wastelands of the USA after a vampire epidemic destroys it. With the help of people he meets along the way he attempts to make his way to survival in New Eden.  Stakeland is a MUST SEE for horror fans!

Stake Land

Human Centipede

Tom Six’s Human Centipede is vulgar, vile and unbelievable gross. I will never watch the film again! That however does not change that if you want to see a unique concept and a terrifying film this is it. Human Centipede requires no description other than its title. Watch it if you are brave enough.


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