Another Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Coming

Rejoice fans! A remake is coming for Nightmare on Elm Street because if a 2010 remake did not suck bad enough there is always next time.

In all seriousness it is being reported by Tracking Board that a remake to Nightmare on Elm Street is being planned by New Line. There’s no producer on board yet, but Orphan scribe David Leslie Johnson has been tapped to script. At least they have a good writer on board perhaps they can get somebody like Steven C. Miller to direct and have some hope of attracting us die hard horror fans.

The new reboot which will reportedly complete ignore the 2010 remake is no doubt being done to appeal to the younger more mainstream audience with what for them will likely be a ‘new and exiting’ twist in the horror genre. Anyway you cut it this idea is bad in my books and although we wont stop ourselves from carving it I am by no means excited to see another remake 5 years after the last abomination. I would imagine Wes Craven is about as excited as we are for another remake. When the original came out he is quotted as saying;

“Yes it does hurt, it does because its such an important film for me that, unfortunately, when I signed the original contract I gave up all rights to it and so there’s nothing I can do about it,” he says. “I was much happier with Last House on the Left that I could kind of shepherd it towards production and we found a really wonderful director.”

“I don’t even know who’s doing it and I’m not interested. It’s actually really painful to think about it. It’s the film of mine that I probably love the most, and which made the most money. The script went around Hollywood for three years and nobody touched it and I went through all my life savings and everything else to pay for it, so I had to make the deal I did. Frankly, at that time I thought it would be one movie and that’s it. I never thought it would go on and on and on.”

What do you think will you watch it ? Am I over reacting? Barf? Sound off.



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