Early Details & More for Jeff Miller’s ‘The Russian Bride’

We have just received word that Jeff Miller (Clowntown) is already at work on his latest film, The Russian Bride, and below we have the first details along with some artwork and a sort-of proof of concept trailer, but if this trailer is any indication of what the film will be like, sign me the heck up!

From the Press Release:

Corbin Bernsen (“L.A. Law,” THE DENTIST), 11-year-old supermodel Kristina Pimenova, and Oksana Orlan (LANA’S RAIN) are starring in and promoting a crowdfunding campaign for THE RUSSIAN BRIDE, a new horror thriller from AVENGED (aka SAVAGED) writer/director Michael S. Ojeda.

Jeff Miller (CLOWNTOWN) is producing the film with Philip J. Day.

THE RUSSIAN BRIDE concerns a young Russian woman and her daughter who come to America to marry a reclusive billionaire, but they soon discover he is a madman with sinister plans and find themselves fighting for their lives. The movie is planning to film in the Midwest in early spring.

Pimenova, one of the world’s youngest supermodels (having modeled for such noted brands as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani), will make her feature acting debut in the film. At age 9, she was dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” by Women Daily Magazine.

THE RUSSIAN BRIDE is partially financed, but the filmmakers are launching the crowdfunding campaign to supplement the funding and to give Pimenova’s millions of Facebook and Instagram
followers a chance to see the future star in a major acting role. Perks include visits to the set and roles in the film.

Writer/director Ojeda’s supernatural horror thriller AVENGED, about a woman reincarnated as the spirit of an Apache warrior who seeks revenge on the men who brutalized her, was a critical and commercial hit, appearing in Sitges, Screamfest, and 15 other festivals before its release in 2015.

“Kristina Pimenova is a talented and beautiful young model, and with the support of fans we hope this movie is the stepping stone to a huge career as an actress,” says Ojeda. “Fans of AVENGED will love this movie too, especially the shocking climax.”

THE RUSSIAN BRIDE should be finished in mid-late 2017 for festival consideration.

If this is something that you guys would like see or even help out, head on over to their Indiegogo page to see how you can help.

RUSSIAN BRIDE banner 12-22-16

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