Exclusive: Hallraiser Remake & Halloween 3D Updates

Exclusive: Hallraiser Remake & Halloween 3D UpdatesAs you guys may remember, Todd Farmer recently had an interview over with our friends at Bloody-Disgusting where they talked about the Hellraiser remake and even Todd revealed a little of a script he had written for Halloween 3D.

So I had some questions but wasn’t sure if Todd Farmer would even reply to me, so with my tail between my legs, I hunted the man down and to my surprise he answered my questions and was very kind about it too. Now, what we have isn’t much more than we already know, but I just wanted some confirmation on some topics and Todd was happy to answer them.

HM: There has been a lot of hoopla regarding Dimension Film’s reboot/remake of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and Bloody-Disgsuting has reported that yourself and Patrick Lussier are no longer a part of the film, is that true?

TF: Lussier and I are no longer attached to Hellraiser… We pitched, sold and wrote a take, then we developed a couple additional approaches. In the end we never fully connected creatively. Nothing wrong with that. Happens all the time. We wish Hellraiser and TWC the very best and look forward to what they come up with.

HM: Regarding the Hellraiser reboot, have you had any contact with Clive Barker and if so, did he put his view/opinion across?

TF: We had no contact with Clive. Not through normal channels anyway. Patrick and I both love the original and had no intention of ever “remaking” it. What we pitched was a franchise reboot that existed in the world Clive created. My only access to Clive was through Twitter thus I tweeted him a few times but never heard back. Understandably. He is an icon with an army of followers and I’m me.

HM: I heard that your script may not be used for the film but after reading a snippet from your script over at Bloody-Disgusting, it sounds pretty badass and a great route to go. Will we ever see a Farmer/Lussier Halloween?

TF:  It’s possible. Since the franchise will likely no longer be following ZH2 that means the script we wrote is out. Shame. Really liked that script. But the company has been hearing ideas. We’ve been talking with Malek (Producer) and have a take prepared. Patrick and I even fine tuned some ideas this morning and will talk to Malek this week.

Tks to Todd Farmer for the updates!

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