Fan Reaction to Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Sequel!

Earlier in the day Jason shared with you all an update on the Nightmare on Elm Street sequel that Platinum dunes is not working on but would really like to crank one out every couple of years. Brad Fuller is clearly a huge fan of the character and in an interview with Crave wrote;

You know what? I haven’t heard a thing. It’s a little bit disappointing. We were very proud of that movie. It was Rooney Mara’s first starring role. In terms of pure box office, I think that’s our highest grossing film worldwide.

I’d love to do another one but I feel that way about all of our films. We don’t jump into these films unless we actually loved the characters or the story. I’d love to make Freddy Krueger movies every couple years. It’d be fantastic.

Rooney Mara has gone on to do Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network launching her to stardom. The Nightmare on Elm Street Remake grossed serious coin bringing in $115million on a budget of $35million according to BoxOfficeMojo. I am actually a fan of Platinum Dunes movies but Nightmare on Elm Street was not one of their high points for me.

Our readers have not been kind in their response to the idea of another Nightmare on Elm Street making me think I can’t be the only one who did not like the last film. Levi writes;

…..what did they not learn from the NOES reboot? It sucked, and even Rooney Mara decided to suck on purpose. “It’s her first role.” Well, Johnny Depp had his first role in the original, no one seems to care about that. I’d rather see Rob Zombie do a Halloween 3 then see another NOES installment again.

Hellsing writes;

No,Brad Fuller….a new piece of s**t Nightmare On Elm Street every few years would not be a blast.

Elizabeth writes;

 If I never see another Nightmare on Elm street it will be too soon.

Lastly Phil writes;

Nightmare on Elm Street was already destroyed. Please, don’t kick a franchise when it’s down!!

One of the few voices brave enough to stand up and wave his banner in support of the film was Randy who wrote;

…set it in Westin Hills and have Nancy and Quentin join up with a new version of Kristen, Kincaid and Joey. Come on Hollywood. Wake up.

What are your thoughts? Are you for or against a Nightmare on Elm Street sequel… to the remake?

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