First Details for Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter

Marilyn Monroe Zombie Hunter 1How can you not be intrigued by a film entitled Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter?! You know you want it, and it’s going to be awesome, I mean, it just has to be.

So, did you guys know that Marilyn Monroe was secretly protecting us from the undead that were infected by a mutated strain of the Bubonic plague in the ’60s? Me neither, but thank god she was here to fend off these flesh-eating mutants!

The film is directed by Thomas J. Churchill and stars Sarah French, Mindy Robinson, and Ken Sagoes.

Synopsis1961. Beauty Queen. Movie Legend. The world is obsessed with her, with her films and her personal life. But, what they didn’t know was that she was protecting us. Her late night trips to the White House were just the beginning of what the world believed was a scandal. A mutated strain of the Bubonic plague has returned with a vengeance, taking human lives and re-animating the dead who have returned to the world with the intention to feast.

When keeping this world threat out of the headlines, President Kennedy summons the best fighter and tracker he knows to help him extinguished the undead that have returned. Being a Hollywood movie star was her job, zombie hunter was her skill.

I have a really good feeling about this sucker, and I for one am super stoked to learn more. But what about you? Is this something you’ll be following?

Marilyn Monroe Zombie Hunter

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