First Photos from The Dark Below

We have just got word that Douglas Schulze (Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead) is unleashing a brand new film entitled The Dark Below, a unique survival thriller which is said to only have three spoken words of dialogue throughout the film, and it’s one film that I’m highly stoked for. Imagine being the prey of a killer and your only hopes of survival are beneath a frozen lake. This one is something I hope you guys keep your eyes on too.

From the Press Release:

Dead Wait Productions announce the completion of principal photography for their new genre film The Dark Below. Award-winning genre director Douglas Schulze (Mimesis, Dark Fields) brings us a survival thriller that explores the fear of entrapment beneath a frozen lake.

The film stars screen veteran Veronica Cartwright (Alien, Invasion of the Body Snatchers) , Lauren Shafer (Mimesis), and David GB Brown; it boasts an authentic production value that took cast and crew into the depths of Michigan’s Great Lakes in the dead of winter.

Executive Producer Seth Willenson is helping to introduce The Dark Below to audiences via the festival circuit before aligning with domestic and international distribution.

For more information, hit up their official Facebook page.






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