Gregory Blair’s ‘Garden Party Massacre’ Digs Up a 2016 Release

Gregory Blair is definitely no stranger around these parts, especially with his award-winning psychological thriller Deadly Revisions, that stars the one and only Bill Oberst Jr., which is available now via SGL Entertainment.

We covered that film ever since we heard of its inception and Garden Party Massacre is no exception, especially since it guest stars Dawna Lee Heising, among many others, and we have just learned that the film has completed principal photography and they’re aiming for a 2016 release date. Read on for all the details.

From the Press Release:

Just in time for the Halloween season, Gregory Blair’s hilarious new film GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE has wrapped principal photography and heads into post-production for a 2016 release. With his award-winning psychological thriller DEADLY REVISIONS making its marketplace debut via SGL Entertainment, fans are eagerly awaiting Blair’s next film. With editing about to go under way, the wait is now just a little shorter.

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is a fast-paced, hilarious romp in the vein of Shaun of the Dead and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, telling the tale of a backyard gathering of friends that goes horribly awry when an unexpected guest arrives. With a pickaxe. And an attitude.

A longtime fan of horror comedy, Blair was eager to make his own contribution. “I think horror easily lends itself to comedy because the emotions are so high and the situations are often outrageous. I love films that successfully walk that line between horror and comedy, whether it’s witty and referential like the Scream or giddy low camp like Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness.”

The film stars actors from film and television, both horror and comedy. Andy Gates (“The Young and the Restless”) and Nichole Bagby (Stupid Bitch) are the harried hosts, and the guests include Lise Hart (Deadly Revisions), Dawna Lee Heising (Legend of the Red Reaper), David Leeper (Fifth Helena Drive”), Matt Weinglass (Hitchcock), and Blair (Ooga Booga).

Until the release, fans can get involved and get updates at There’s also a fun quiz “Which GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Character Are You?” where fans can choose between personality traits, weapons, and more to reveal the character from the film they are most like.

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is coming your way via PIX/SEE Productions, and writer/director Gregory Blair promises it will be–pun intended–a scream.

For even more information, go give them a ‘like’ over at their official Facebook page.

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