Latest Evil Dead Remake Updates From Comic Con

Latest Evil Dead Remake Updates From Comic ConSam Raimi’s Evil Dead Remake is getting ready to make its way to theaters in 2013 and MTV caught up with him at Comic Con 2012 and asked him about the upcoming film.

I will point out I am a huge fan of Sam Raimi’s and think that Evil Dead is one of the Top 10 Horror Films of all time. I also happen to have a man crush on Bruce Campbell.

That however does not excuse the fact that this remake sounds like it is nothing of the sort and should get its own name already.

Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi the two iconic figures behind the original Evil Dead film are producing the project which is a remake but as Sam Raimi says it does not honor the original He told

In terms of whether or not the remake ‘honors’ the original film, Raimi says he isn’t looking at it from that perspective. ”I don’t think about it like that. I just think Fede Alvarez has really made a great horror movie,” he said. “It’s scary. The actors are great in it. It’s really gut-wrenching, real low budget and intense.”

I am all for a good horror remake. I am not one of those old school horror fans who throws a fit everytime a movie gets remade. The remakes of The Hills Have Eyes, Dawn of the Dead and Let The Right One In are all three examples of fantastic remakes that pay homage to the original while still bring in a new level of creativity.

My biggest issue with the Evil Dead Remake is that it is just that, not a remake. The new untested director Fede Alvarez that they have brought on board to direct the movie is really just making a movie about kids who go to a cabin and encounter unspeakable evil. The wit and humor is gone in the script that Diablo Cody wrote for the remake and instead it is fully grounded in the real world. Diablo Cody told  MTV’s Movie Blog:

“It was really important again to the filmmakers that it remain totally grounded in reality and timeless. They weren’t trying to make some hip trendy horror movie full of pop culture references. I really hope people don’t think that that’s what I was hired to do. I came in and worked on characters and relationships, things like that.”

I am curious to hear what you all think about the upcoming remake of The Evil Dead. First off I do not care what anyone says the fact it does not star Bruce Campbell is just wrong. They could have easily done a sequel set further down the road and had Bruce come back and play the key role of Ash. Oh wait… there is no Ash at all in this remake just a lot of pearly teeth and great boobs ( sorry I am ranting ).

Bruce Campbell as a final note will in fact have a role in the upcoming Evil Dead Remake but it will simply be a cameo. I will go see this film only to see that one part which is tragic within itself.

Will you go see the remake of The Evil Dead? Would you have preferred Evil Dead 4? Do you think that Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods stole the thunder and is basically a modern take on his old classic? Sound off in the comments.

The Evil Dead (2013)

The Evil Dead (2013)

Release Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2013
Directed By: Fede Alvarez
Starring: Bruce Campbell

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