Mad Max: Fury Road First Photos?

Mad Max: Fury Road is yet another film that has been off and on many times, no-one exactly knowing just what the heck is going on. Although we did report that shooting was postponed last year due to the unfortunate weather conditions which hit South Australia.

So just what is going on? Well, MadMaxMovies has what  appears to be vehicles said to be used in the forthcoming film, with that, the photographer who took the photo’s was apparently informed via one of the truck drivers that the vehicles are heading to South Africa.

So could the next Mad Max film be shot in South Africa? Who knows, it just happens to be yet more chatter in the long gestured Mad Max film, but do check out the vehicles at the link above.

The sequel will be directed by George Miller and will star if it still goes ahed, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

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