No Ash in Evil Dead Remake? Say What?

I am not dead set against remakes and never will be.  As much as I love classic horror I recognize that when the correct technology, talent and respect for the original are applied you can make remakes that are as good and in some cases better then the origjnal.

I loved the Night of the Living Dead remake that Tom Savini directed, I loved Zach Snyders Dawn of the Dead remake and I also have a sweet spot for THE THING remake John Carpenter made. I also had hoped to find something to love about the Evil Dead Remake but I am having fewer good things to say about it as of late.

The latest shocking news from Twitter is from Bruce Campbell himself who revealed that this remake which will start filming in 2012 will NOT have an Ash character and will instead take a completely different approach that he and the rest of the team are very excited about.

I for one am glad they are excited and wont dismiss the project but the whole reason Evil Dead is the classic it is specifically is because of Bruce Campbell’s role as ASH And Sam Raimi’s involvement. No Ash frankly dissapoints me. I would rather see an unknown play Ash and Bruce Campbell cameo then see no Ash character at all.

What do you think?

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