Poster & Details for Paranormal Apparition

We have just been sent the poster and details for a new indie horror flick looking to cash in on the success of Paranormal Activity called ‘Paranormal Apparition’. Press release is as follows;

The story goes that when Mr. and Mrs. Myers move into their highly coveted Beverly Hills home, they wonder why the price tag is too good to be true. Their daughter, Danielle, discovers the truth when a neighbor tells her one of the previous owners was murdered there years before. When Danielle falls prey to the attacks of the ghostly victim who lived there, Danni’s dream home turns into the house from hell as she is tortured and haunted by the evil apparition. As Danielle’s cries go unheard by her oblivious parents, she realizes she must get out of the house as quickly as possible or she is going to be the next victim of an even greater threat.

Unlike Paranormal Activity, this film is much faster and you don’t have to hang around for forty minutes before something actually happens. Superbly acted and well-produced for an indie grindhouse horror film it’s already being called a “cult classic”. And at over 80 minutes there’s a lot going on.

The film is from the rapidly growing label, World Wide Multi Media, who have become known for specializing in the more bizarre and radical films with a predominance on the horror, paranormal and slasher style movies. Not a label for the squeamish or easily disturbed and Paranormal Apparition lives up to their style in every sense.

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