The Dead 2 Script Is Moving Forward

Here that fans of the Ford brother’s zombie flick The Dead? The Dead 2 script is currently moving forward, while the film isn’t technically officially announced just yet, a script is in the works and Jon and Howard have been taking notice of your comments regarding the first feature. Lets just say, The Dead 2 will be huge.

Co-director of the first film, Howard J. Ford, recently caught up with the Daily Dead and revealed that the script for the sequel is on the way.

“Jon is in the south of France at the moment, but I’m going down to the Cannes Film Festival and am meeting him there. We’re going to write together at his place in France and we are going to be penning The Dead 2. There’s already a lot down on paper, but there are gaps in it and there are a lot of things we couldn’t do in the first movie that we want to do in the second.”

Howard continues, “Basically, it’s because of the fan support and the way it has been selling in America. Jon and I are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and people putting their hard earned cash towards a Blu-ray or DVD of The Dead. Fan support is why we want to make a sequel. It’s not because we want to go back to Africa and get nearly killed. I can’t promise 100% that it will be in Africa, but whatever happens, it will take you somewhere you’ve never been in a zombie movie.”

Intrigued? Well, stay tuned for future updates, if you loved the first one, lets hope they can continue with the sequel, and thanks for supporting indie horror!

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