Them (Ils) To Be Remade

I haven’t heard of a remake in about a week or so, I thought maybe it was over. Sadly not. It looks as if David Moreau and Palud’s French flick Them (Ils) is the next film to be given the remake treatment.

According to Variety, commercials helmer David Alcalde has been attached to direct the English-language remake of the film.

The original flick followed “a young couple living in an isolated home who are terrorized by hooded assailants over the course of one terrifying night.”

Adrian Guerra’s Nostromo Pictures will be producing the remake. According to the site they specialize in genre films with their most recent film being Buried. They are also producing the upcoming thriller Red Lights.

Sadly I’ve never got round to watching Them (Ils) but I will most definitely have to give it a look. Would you welcome a remake or does this just make your blood boil?

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