Tom Savini to Direct Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things Remake

I’m pretty sure you guys are familiar with Bob Clark’s seminal 1972 zombie classic Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things? Well, its getting a bit of an update with a new remake and Tom Savini and Fangoria are working together to bring it back to life.

According to the site, Fangoria Entertainment is partnering with veteran producer Steve Stabler and Anchor Bay Films to remake Bob Clark’s classic Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. Tom Savini has been attached to direct which is set to begin filming later this year.

The upcoming remake is penned by Drew Daywalt (Leprechaun’s Revenge, My Name Is Kringle).

“The new film will follow the basics of Clark’s original film, in which a group of low-budget filmmakers unwittingly awaken an army of the long-deceased during an occult ritual on a remote island.”

They say they are striving to make the ultimate zombie film with the goal being the most zombies in a film ever. Also expect to see some familiar cameos.

What do you guys think, do you think they can pull it off?

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