Tom Savini To Direct Innovative Zombie Movie Death Island

Tom Savini is a very unique character in the horror genre and almost every die hard horror fan knows who he is. Today comes news he has tapped Tony Todd and Tiffany Shepis two fellow genre icons to star in his second directorial debut Death Island.

Having met Tom Savini I was quite shocked by his rugged nature and his straight to the point attitude but there is no denying that his special effects contributing to the genre and his work on Night of the Living Dead remake as director are second to none. So the thought of his returning to the directors seat is pretty damn exciting.

Ryan Strickland emailed me to share news on this new project which is looking to raise $1million on indiegogo which is a pretty damn ambitious number to raise. Tom Savini’s production team are promising big things about Death Island declaring it will make zombie movies scary again and stand out in a sea of other zombie films. They write quote;

Zombie films have been around forever and are at an all time high right now. With the incredible success of AMC’s The Walking Dead and most recently the blockbuster feature film, World War Z, the audiences are coming out in force to support quality zombie fare. Well Tom Savini’s Death Island will not only give the fans what they want but it will also bring a fresh take to the screen and ground the zombie mythology to its original roots while also bringing some new and scary concepts to the table that have never before been seen on the screen. Tom wants to bring many of the ideas he had to this film that he was unable to bring to life when filming his version of Night of the Living Dead.

And this will help Tom Savini’s Death Island stand apart for the rest and revitalize the cinematic future of the living dead moving forward. Plus the chance to see some of the names Tom has lined up to appear in the film make it even better. Horror Icon’s Tony Todd and Tiffany Shepis are already onboard and more will follow as soon as funding is secure.

To donate money to help them raise their $1million you can go here. What are your thoughts on Tom Savini returning to the directors chair? I have always said that Tom Savini needed to direct more movies since his work on the remake of Night of the Living Dead was second to none. It has made many of our top lists including our list of the Top 23 Horror Remakes 

Below is Tom Savini’s pitch video for the project.

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