Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder & Tristan Risk Play a ‘Wild Game’

So, here we have Tristan Risk, Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder playing a Wild Game, what game might that be? My guess is Hungry Hippos, that game gets freakin’ wild! But, I think this trio is looking for something with a little more bite, probably one which involves bodily mutilation, again, I’m sure Hungry Hippos have bitten off a few fingers in their time.

But in all seriousness, how can you not be excited for a flick which stars these three iconic stars, and Wild Game will do just that. According to Dread Central, Daniel Cudmore (X2: X-Men United) and C. Ernst Harth (Dreamcatcher) will also star, while Staci Layne Wilson directs.

SynopsisFour friends pay for a weekend out on a faux survivalist course. Though no gadgets are allowed, one of the friends sneaks a video camera on the trip into the wilderness. What she records and what they experience is the frightening reality that their opponents on this survival course are playing to the death.

We did a little digging and also found that Bianca Bradey ( Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead) and Aaron Alexander (Bad Kids go to Hell) will also star in the film, but that’s about all we could find at this time. The film is still very early days, so keep those eyes peeled for more, hopefully.

Wild Game

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