First Official Photos for ‘It Came From the Desert’

It has been a while since we’ve last had an update for you in regards to Marko Mäkilaakso’s It Came From the Desert, but thanks to our good friend Avery and Raven Banner, we have the first official images from the upcoming film. Also, if you missed it, we also have the teaser trailer and a proof of concept video, check them out below and let us know your thoughts.

The film stars Mark Arnold, Vanessa Grasse, Harry Lister Smith, Alex Mills, James Alper, Callum McGowan, Claudia Trujillo, Andrew Horton, Ross Ellis, and Michael Majalahti.

Synopsis: IT CAME FROM THE DESERT (movies) is independent sequel to legendary video game by Cinemaware.
The film is set to modern time, 60-years after the original games happenings.

The film has completed filming as of November of this year, and while we don’t have a release date as of yet, we can confirm that Raven Banner has secured pre-sales of the film and deals with the following, courtesy of Screen Daily; Tiberius (Germany), Minerva (Italy), Zylo (France), Borsalino (Latin America), Crystalsky (Philippines), H.G.C. (China), Monster Pictures (Australia/New Zealand), Moviecloud (Taiwan), and Roll Caption (Turkey).

For more information on the film, be sure to hit up their official Facebook page.

It Came From the Desert Poster

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