First Official Stills from ‘Zombinatrix’

Zombinatrix from Michael Kyne and Bianca Allaine is a film we have been following for some time, it sounds awesome, and Bianca is simply stunning. Plus, with a tagline that reads “She’s into whips and brains,” you simply have us in the palm of your hands. So, thanks to Bianca Allaine, we have scored some official stills from the film, and it looks like a ton of quirky fun. Make your way below and check out the goods. Let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye on this one?

From the Press Release:

Actress Bianca Allaine (Albino Farm, My Sucky Teen Romance, Watch These Films) and husband, director Michael Kyne (Web of Deceit, Blood on the Reel) are in pre-production for the feature length horror / comedy, Zombinatrix.

Bianca, who is producing and co-writing with Michael, is set to star as the sexy Zombinatrix. Also attached to star in the project are Lenora Claire (Golden Gals Gone Wild), Mark Quinette (Return to Nuke ’em High 1&2, Gotham), and Doug Sakmann (Paranormal Challenge, Return to Nuke ’em High 1&2).

Also, in the the stills below, Rick Miller  is featured in the police uniform and Chris Kamsch appears as the other man. Bianca’s zombie makeup and the blood effects were crafted by Adam Dobelbower of Aftermath FX.

For more information, hit up their official Facebook page.

Zombinatrix Poster

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